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Notification Regarding Logging into Chromebooks

It is very important that you are logging on to the Chromebook with your AISD credentials rather than using guest mode.

Some advantages of logging on with your AISD credentials are:

  • You are automatically logged on to Google Docs, Mail, and YouTube.
  • All of the applications assigned to you are available with your account.
  • Certain services and applications may not work in Guest Mode.

How do I log on to the Chromebook with my account?

  1. Click 鈥淎dd Person鈥 located in the bottom left hand corner.

  2. Click 鈥淣ext鈥 to start the login process.

  3. Follow the prompts to log into RapidIdentity. After a successful login, you will be redirected back to your Chromebook desktop.


The username for students is the first five letters of the student's last name in Frontline + their student ID.



Student ID


Sandra Ramirez



  1. Enter your Password and click 鈥淕o鈥.

  2. You鈥檙e now on your own Google Desktop and should log on this way from now on.

I鈥檓 getting a message about 鈥渦nlock and restore data鈥?

If you are getting a message about unlocking and that your passwords do not match, don鈥檛 worry! We can get you through this error!

  1. If the Chromebook asks for your old password, click 鈥淔orgot your old password?鈥

  2. Now click, 鈥淧roceed anyway鈥.

  3. You can now log on to your Chromebook with your updated password.


  • This happens when a student uses the Chromebook, modifies their profile settings or changes their password at a different device - may be it was on a different Chromebook in another class, or working from home - then comes back to your class to log in again. The Chromebook recognizes that the user has logged into this device before, but doesn't recognize the (new) password. Chrome thinks it's being helpful by asking for the old password to sync any data that may have been stored locally on the device.
  • This is only an issue for data stored on the local machine. It does NOT affect the user's ability to access data stored in the cloud (Drive, Docs, Mail, etc).聽 Students should not be downloading content or storing data on the local machine. All files should be stored in the student's Google Drive account.