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As a part of our Strategic Plan for 麻豆传媒视频, the role that substitutes play is vitally important in helping us achieve our goals for our students. We recruit the best and will provide you with the support and materials necessary to assist you in becoming the most effective at your position.

2024-2025 Substitute Pay

Short-term Substitute Teaching Jobs (1-10 days)
Non-Degreed Substitutes $120/day
Degreed Substitutes $130/day
Degreed and Certified Substitutes $145/day
Retired Degreed and Certified Substitutes $165/day
11 or more consecutive days on any combination of assignments
Non-Degreed Substitute $130/day
Degreed Substitute $150/day
Degreed and Certified $165/day
Retired Degreed and Certified $175/day
Long-Term Assignments (21 days in length minimum)
Degreed and Certified in Subject Area $175/day
Retired Degreed and Certified Substitute $185/day
*Long-term assignments must be requested by the principal and pre-approved by Human Resources
Special Substitute Rates
Counselor $295/day
Nurse $210/day
Bridge Substitute $225/day
Campus Paraprofessionals
Administrative Support and Educational Aide Substitutes $15.00/hour
Paraprofessional Substitute Pay $15.00/hour
  • While an employee is working in a campus paraprofessional role, they are ineligible to work as a Substitute Teacher.
  • Bridge Substitutes must have prior approval from Human Resources and recommended for full-time hire by a campus.
  • Substitutes will receive a $10/day campus-based incentive as determined by human resources. Excluding Bridge Substitutes.
  • Substitutes will receive a $10/day pickup incentive for Friday.

More information about substitute pay is located on Page 42 of the 麻豆传媒视频 Compensation Plan / Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before being hired:

I submitted my application, why have I not heard anything back?

The most common reasons for a delay in processing your application:
  • you have not attached your official transcripts
  • you did not go to jobs to apply for a position
  • you have not completed a digital interview

Please make sure you have accomplished these three things to prevent any delays.

I do not have an official transcript, can you take something else?

We will need you to add the official transcript. You can usually order this from your school.
We would prefer for you to have it sent to you so you can add to your application, but if you cannot attach it you can email it to and we can help.
If you are a retired AISD employee, you can attach a document that states you are retired from AISD, and we will look up your transcripts.

I was a substitute before but resigned, can you just reinstate my position?

We are not able to reinstate people into positions; you will have to complete a new application and go through the process to be hired.

I am a substitute for another district, do I have to attend orientation?

Every district can run differently, so you are required to complete the full hiring process, including orientation.

After Being Hired:

I Recently Received My Bachelor鈥檚 Degree (or 45 College Hours), When Will My Pay Increase?

You must provide the substitute office with a copy of your official transcripts before your pay can be changed for the date we receive the transcript.
Please Note: if you recently graduated, we must see that your degree is conferred on your transcripts. It typically takes colleges 3-5 weeks to update the system to reflect this on your transcripts.

I Am Trying to Login but Do Not Know My Password and It Tells Me to Contact My Administrator.

You will have to call technology at (682) 867-7394 to get your password reset instructions.

I Keep Trying to Login to Teams / Frontline, but the System Tells Me to Contact an Administrator.

There are a few different entry points into Frontline TEAMS.
If you are trying to view your pay stubs or change your W-4 information, use the .
If you are trying to find a substitute assignment or view past assignments, use the .
Then enter your login information accordingly.

I Am in a Certification Program (TX Teacher, ECAP, Etc) and Passed All My Tests. Should I Be Receiving the Long-term Pay?

"Even though you may qualify for a full-time teaching opportunity, the Substitute Office only approves long-term pay if we can see a certification on the Texas Education Agency website.
Please check your green screen on TEA to see if your certification has been updated."
You may qualify to be a Bridge Substitute. Please refer to that page.

I Am a Texas Certified Teacher, but I Am Not Receiving the Long-term Pay.

The campus must send a Request for Long-Term Substitute form to the Substitute Office, so that we can make sure you are certified in the subject area you are substituting in and your pay can be changed manually.
If a campus does not send this form, the system does not automatically award long-term pay.

I Am a Degreed Professional Substitute, Do I Still Make $80/day When I Work as a Classroom Assistant or Clerk Assignment?

No, all paraprofessional jobs (i.e. classroom assistants, clerks, cafeteria monitors) earn $15/hour.

How Much Do I Make When I Work a Half-day Assignment?

If a Degreed/Non-Degreed Professional Substitute works four and one-half (4 1鈦2) hours or more, the substitute will qualify for one full day鈥檚 pay if the job was called in as a full day assignment. Principal/designee will make the determination.
If a Degreed/Non-Degreed Professional Substitute works less than four and one half (4 1鈦2) hours, the substitute will qualify for one-half day鈥檚 pay (reminder 鈥 30 minutes lunch is deducted). Principal/designee will make the determination.

There is an Assignment for a Day Students Are Not in Class, Can I Pick It Up?

No, if students are not in class there are no need for substitutes.
There could be some exceptions, but this will be discussed beforehand and not a single day assignment.

I Worked at a Campus but Do Not See It in My Job History.

Please contact the campus to have them look into it.
You can send them an email and add substitute office to this so that we can help if needed.

I Got an Email Stating My Job Had Been Canceled, Am I Needed?

The email has a name of who made the change to the job, please contact the campus to make sure you do not need to go.

I Am Retired, Are There Limits to Picked Up Assignments?

Yes, retired substitutes must follow EAR limits. Please review the information on the Compensation page.