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Natalie Lopez

Dr. Natalie Lopez

Assistant Superintendent of Research and Accountability
(682) 867-7423

Department Contact:

Cameron Garcia

Cameron Garcia

(682) 867-7423


The Research and Accountability department designs and refines systems to track progress towards district strategic goals through robust diagnostic measures, ensuring efficient resource allocation. It conducts performance evaluations and research to provide statistical evidence of program effectiveness. Additionally, it spearheads the district-level strategic planning process in collaboration with the superintendent's cabinet and campus principals to ensure alignment with the strategic plan. Furthermore, it supervises the planning and implementation of district-wide student testing initiatives.


Analytics & Accountability serves as a catalyst for organizational excellence within the district by developing tools and reporting necessary to empower district staff to make informed decisions and effectively monitor student progress. This division is also responsible for maintaining the AISD Reports Site and supporting the district in areas related to the state鈥檚 accountability system.


Assessment is responsible for the administration of state assessments, including all State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), STAAR End of Course (EOC), STAAR Alternate 2, TELPAS, and TELPAS Alternate; district assessments; and credit-by-exam for grade level acceleration and course credit. This division oversees the district鈥檚 assessment data system, conducts staff training on the proper administration of assessments, and oversees all communication pertaining to testing with the state.

Research, Evaluation, and Analysis

Research, Evaluation, and Analysis plays a key role in improving decision-making and program success in our school district. We use advanced research methods to find what works and what can be better, and we work closely with program leaders to help them reach their goals. Our team focuses on understanding both how and why programs succeed, ensuring our efforts lead to meaningful improvements. We're committed to maintaining high standards in all we do, making a positive impact on our district's education quality.