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Kooken - pre-K
Posted in , on June 6, 2024

Join the Kooken family

It鈥檚 all about little learners at Kooken Educational Center. In fact, Kooken is the only school in the 麻豆传媒视频 dedicated exclusively to only one grade level 鈥 pre-K for 3-year-olds.聽

But that鈥檚 not the only thing that makes Kooken so special.

Thanksgiving Show at Kooken Education Center

The Thanksgiving Show at Kooken Education Center.

鈥淲hat makes Kooken special is our ability to serve, make connections and design all learning experiences for our 3-year-olds and their families,鈥 said Kooken principal Elizabeth Huebner.


鈥淓arly childhood learning is crucial for building a strong foundation for students鈥 futures, both academically and socially,鈥 Huebner said. 鈥淭hrough rich learning experiences, they experience valuable socialization skills and develop a strong and critical academic foundation.鈥

Parents who enroll their children into pre-K 3 give their child a jump start on their peers.

鈥淜ids get their foundation in pre-K 3,鈥 said Staci Nelson, a special education teacher at Morton Elementary who also taught pre-K at Kooken. 鈥淭hey learn to self-regulate and learn how to be learners. When they move on to pre-K 4, they will be prepared for full-day study.鈥

Pre-K 3 lays that foundation for a lifetime of success.

鈥淪eeing where the little ones begin in August and where they are in May is amazing,鈥 Nelson said.

The biggest reason the students experience such tremendous growth is because of the outstanding teachers and the opportunities they provide.

鈥淥ur teachers also provide such rich and bountiful opportunities extending past the classroom walls 鈥 through the STREAM Maker lab, Outdoor Classroom and pre-K yoga 鈥 while still focusing on social-emotional skills,鈥 said Stephanie Ross, Kooken鈥檚 instructional coach.

See a classroom at Kooken

Kooken Pre-K end-of-year ceremony at Kooken

Kooken’s end-of-year-ceremony last month.

Kooken is more than a school for pre-K 3. It鈥檚 one big family.

“When families walk through our doors, they are part of the Koala family, or what we like to call ourselves, the SUPER (Supportive, Unified, Positive, Engaging, and Responsible) Dream Team,鈥 Huebner said. 鈥淓very faculty member assists in family engagement. Whether it is enrollment, parenting classes, family nights or learning experiences.鈥

Join the Kooken family and register your 3-year-old for half-day pre-K at Kooken today. There are morning and afternoon options, and it is free if you qualify. If you don鈥檛 qualify for free pre-K, Kooken offers an affordable tuition-based program.

You can start the registration process online鈥here. Or you can come to Kooken and receive registration assistance Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon from now until June 27 and July 8-18. Plus, you can take a peek at a pre-K classroom!

Learn more about all of our outstanding pre-K programs throughout the district at鈥鈥痑nd feel free to contact the pre-K team at (682) 867-9418 or with any of your questions.